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Re: Fedora philosophy (was ATI video comes out of the closet)

Les Mikesell wrote:

I'll preface what I am going to say below by repeating what I've already
said which I thought was quite simple.

"When making a choice to use RHEL the client *did not* first experiment with
or try out Fedora."  Period, end of story.

> Did a consultant or in-house employee make the decision?  I deploy the
> servers in our company, and the time it would take to learn the details
> of administration on a different distribution is very much a factor.

The customer always makes the decision.

>> Along that line, that has also been the case for other consultants I've
>> talked with.  I don't feel my experience is unique.
> Consultants don't mind having more billable hours...  And they probably
> prefer that the companies paying them have no in-house expertise.

So, your are comparing Consultants with Lawyers?  And, no, a good consultant
prefers that the company *does* have in house experience.  It makes meeting
much more productive.

>> FWIW, I wouldn't deploy Ubuntu at a large enterprise either.....
> What would you deploy that has firefox 2.x OpenOffice 2.2, and other
> current desktop applications?

I have clients using RHELv4 along with firefox 2.x and OpenOffice 2.2.  Just
because RHELv4 doesn't come with those application versions doesn't mean one
can't create/maintain a local repository and update efficiently.  We are
talking about "large enterprises" with a dedicated IT staff, right?

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