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Re: MX function of DNS

On Mon, 2007-09-10 at 08:07 +0800, edwardspl ita org mo wrote:
> How can we move the mails from Server A to Server B with MX records of
> DNS ? Is there an sample for reference ? 

MX records for a domain simply says what servers will accept mail for
you, with priorities.  It's up to those servers to move messages from
one place to another.

e.g. When you try to mail johndoe something example com, the MX records
for example.com are looked up to see what mailserver handles the domain.
It may be just one server, it may have a list.  It tries the one with
highest priority, first.  Then the next, if it has to.  And so on.  If
one of your fallback servers accepts your mail instead of the prime one,
that server has to deal with passing the mail onto where *you* check
your inbox.

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