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Re: F7. Can I disable autofs without expecting problems?

Nigel Henry wrote:
> I've got tail -f var/log/messages open at the moment, and see a bunch of stuff 
> to do with automount as below.
<--------{ snip ]-------->
> It appears when I open my home directory (konqueror), and work my way back 
> through the filesystem to /. As soon as I reach / the messages above are 
> printed out.
> I don't use NFS, or Samba, and they are stopped in services, so if I disable 
> autofs (which I presume will stop this printout) , am I likely to see any 
> problems when I bootup? Perhaps things that autofs deals with, but I don't 
> know about.
> I use FTP, and SSH on my LAN btw.
> Thanks for any advice.
> Nigel.
I have it disabled on my FC6 box without problems, so I would not
expect problems with your F7 box.


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