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Re: Do I have an ssh problem?

On Monday, Sep 10th 2007 at 08:53 +0100, quoth Andy Green:

=>Somebody in the thread at some point said:
=>> I have a core 4 box that has behaved admirably for a long time. I just
=>> added an F7 box where SE is disabled.
=>> Here's my problem. On the F7 box, I just happen to have a half dozen
=>> files that are about 8Gig. When I try to transfer a file using scp to
=>> the FC7 box ssh, the F7 box just crashes. Sometimes it crashes around
=>> 300M, sometimes 300M, my latest died at 567M.

Mea culpa. I meant to say that I was transferring from f7 to the FC4 box. 
>From FC4, the command was:

scp pluto:/tmp/file.iso .

=>> F7 happens to have two NICs and the crash happens regardless of which
=>> NIC I use. (I tried both hoping that it might be a hardware problem, but
=>> I won't buy that both are bad.) Smaller transfers and regular network
=>> traffic work just fine. There is nothing in syslog on either side when
=>> it happens.
=>Doubt it's anything to do with scp or ssh, it sounds more like a generic
=>memory or heat problem, or an issue with the NIC or HDD controller
=>driver under load.  Can you see the F7 box video output in text mode and
=>see if it blows a panic?  You can also try monitoring
=>/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/*/temperature on the F7 box in another ssh
=>session while the transfer progresses.

Thanks Andy. Good idea. I'll try that next shot. 

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