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Re: NetworkManager, wlan0 doesn't come up by default

Karl Larsen escribió:
Martin Marques wrote:
I'm using NetworkManager on my laptop and I have some problems which I haven't been able to solve.

Normal eth0 comes up ok, but wlan0 doesn't. I have to login as root or sudo to bring wlan0 interface up (ifconfig wlan0 up) so that NetworkManager can connect to my AP.

Any ideas on why I have this problem? The wlan0 configuration is set to start at boot time.

No idea what your problem is but suggest you might have network AND networkmanager running at the same time. Check that and if network is off for sure then turn off networkmanager and turn on network. Get the thing working properly with network and then turn that off and back to newworkmanager. It should work too.


With network it works fine. I made a change to Netwokmanager to be able to connect to various wireless networks without having to change my network configuration.

Network is not up, NetworkManager is. eth0 comes up with NetwokManager without any problem, but wlan0 interface is not up after booting. I have to manually up wlan0 before connecting via NetwokManager.

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