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Re: Fedora philosophy...

Les Mikesell wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> Les Mikesell wrote:
>>> Assume that your own application will take around a year to write/test
>>> before deployment.  Do you wait to start that work until after the
>>> release of the OS and libraries you will be using, develop on something
>>> you know is wildly different, or do you try to use something as close as
>>> possible, knowing that backwards compatibility isn't taken very
>>> seriously in the Linux kernel and distribution world?
>> At last, we get to the real problem - You want to develop for the
>> next release of RHEL, but Fedora is changing to fast for you to be
>> able use Fedora for that.
> No, I have no problem with Fedora being used for testing and development
> in any situation where being down for inderminate amounts of of time or
> doing without security updates is acceptable.  You are taking what I
> said way out of context.
Strange - I could have sworn it was you who was complaining about
kernel updates causing a machine to not boot. I have yet to hear why
rebooting and picking the old kernel at the grub menu does not work.
That should give you access to your data. It is hard to follow your
arguments when your position keeps changing depending on what you
are trying to argue ageist. As for taking what you said out of
context, I included the entire paragraph, and replied to it. I
didn't take one sentence out of a paragraph and pretend it
represented the idea being expressed. Maybe you should be clearer in
what you write.

>> So you want Fedora development to change
>> to allow you to do that. Otherwise it is too much work to develop
>> your project. It must not be a user-space application, because there
>> you find things like compat libraries.
> Sometimes, sometimes not.  Suppose you had developed something as an
> add-on to CIPE tunnels on the RHEL3/kernel 2.4.  There's no concession
> to backwards compatibility on RHEL4 and later.
Yes, some things do get thrown out, because they turn out to be a
dead end and/or a security risk. Redesigning thing when you find the
original design was not the best way to do it is part of what makes
Linux what it is. Yes, there can be redesign costs because of it.
That is part of the price you pay when using a free OS. The fact
that is is in Fedora does not mean it will make it to RHEL. So if
you base a project on a feature in Fedora, you are being foolish.
You keep trying to use Fedora for something it was not intended to
be used for, and then complaining that it does not work right.

Ow well - you will probably cut out sentences from this and refute
what it says in the sentence, without including the entire paragraph
 that gives the sentence context. I will leave you to it. Consider
yourself the winner of hte endurance contest - It is Monday, and I
have things to do. It has been entertaining watching you.


  Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons,
for thou art crunchy and taste good with Ketchup!

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