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Re: How to install Fedora 7 to a CF card connected via IDE-CF adapter?

Andrew Junev wrote:

Now I didn't get it. Should it work or should it not? And what shall I
do in order to make it work?

Phil's input pretty much follows my experience with CF cards.

I was referring to using 'linux expert' to start the installer which will allow devices which should recognize and allow installation on devices which do not show when using the default installer start method. I tried this for USB hard disks so figured it might work for other devices also.

Unfortunately I don't have that machine in front of me at the moment.
But I hope I remember it right that the CF card was detected in UDMA

And I use a CF-IDE adapter, not a PCMCIA card or some other card
reader. So it *should* work as a plain IDE HDD. But for some reason
installer doesn't detect it...

With Phil's posting, removable drive may rely on the controller in the cards. I don't really know.

Alan's question and suggestion might lead somewhere. Hit an miss it seems to be with those devices.


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