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Re: NVIDIA driver maintainence (was Fedora Philosophy)

Ian Chapman wrote:
> Ed Greshko wrote:
>>> The only
>>> real PITA with regards to kernel updates is reinstalling the NVIDIA
>>> drivers after a kernel update.
>> FWIW, I wrote a simple script that runs under cron checking the NVIDIA
>> website for updates and downloads them.
> Well if you don't mind Ed, may I take a look at the scripts? At the
> moment I just use a simple wrapper script that lets me execute the same
> command on every desktop, or a specified range of desktops. When a new
> kernel has been installed, I use it to execute a rebuild script to
> uninstall, build against the new kernel then reboot.

I personally don't mind.  However, the scripts are the work product of a
project done for the Taipei City Government.  So, as trivial as it may seem,
I do need to check with them to see if I can release them.  I hope you
understand that I wouldn't want to violate my contract terms.  :-)

It may take a day or two to get the answer.  I'll contact you off list it
that is OK with you?  In the meantime, you can also consider use of DKMS
from Dell over at http://linux.dell.com/projects.shtml


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