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Gnome-panel grief in F7

	Every once in a while, unpredictably, the gnome-panel dives into 
a handbasket and screeches downslope to the nether regions. The workplace 
switcher, my most essential app, disappears and cannot be displayed. You 
can pretend to add it to the panel, but that produces only a barely 
visible vertical line which pretends to let you set preferences, but 
honors none of them, much less switches workplaces for you.

	Other things are also messed up. Every window you open launchez 
in the upper left corner -- where it obscures most of the left panel; and 
there is no way to get one window out from under another except to close 
the upper one by clicking on File and Close Window. 

	You cannot drag any window anywhere, even once you manage to get 
to it.

	I have tried removing the bottom panel, and found myself unable 
to create another.

	I have tried "yum remove gnome-panel," taking careful note of all 
that goes with it, and then telling "yum install <whatever all>.

	The only thing that has ever helped is a fresh install -- and 
then the whole thing may go bad *again* at any time.

	I make a habit of running the following sequence every day or 
three : yum clean all, rpm --rebuilddb, updatedb, and yum update. I also 
log out and back in occasionally, and whenever anything seems out of 
order, I reboot a lot more often than anyone running linux should ever 
have to imagine doing.

	All this keeps happening on three different machines. I spend 
more time cleaning up after F7 -- or rather, trying to with no success or 
precious little -- than getting any work done. I've just had to go 
through the nine tedious yards of removing and re-installing gnome-panel 
for the umpteenth time -- and none of it did a bit of good.

	What the blazes is wrong? Is there some suicidial applet that 
takes the workspace switcher (and, it sometimes seems, the whole window-
manager) down with it whenever it self-destructs? What can I do??

Beartooth Staffwright, PhD, Neo-Redneck Linux Convert
Remember I know precious little of what I am talking about.

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