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Re: Announcing rpmfusion

Hans de Goede wrote:
The Dribble, Freshrpms and Livna teams, already joined by some Fedora contributors, are proud to announce the RPM Fusion project.

RPM Fusion aims to bring together many packagers from various 3rd party repos and build a single add-on repository for Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

We don't have a repository ready for end users yet, but we are actively working on merging the following ones:

    * http://dribble.org.uk/
    * http://freshrpms.net/
    * http://rpm.livna.org/

Though not within the Fedora official structure, merging these throws away one of the major points for end users in Fedora. Congrats on this effort. Noticeably missing is ATrpms however.

We will have two distinct repositories: free and non-free. Free will contain Open Source Software (as defined by the Fedora Packaging Guidelines) which can't be included in Fedora -- for example because it might be patent encumbered in the US. Non-free will contain everything else which is not free software (as defined by the Fedora Licensing Guidelines), like software with public available source-code that has "no commercial use" restrictions or the graphics drivers from AMD and Nvidia.

Thanks for this split. Hopefully we will able to link to the free part from within Fedora.


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