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Re: Problem in Running Qt On Fedora Core 2

On Tuesday, September 11, 2007 1:30:13 am Devesh Here wrote:
> hello buddies,
> >   i am very new in linux and Qt Designing.
> > I install Linux on my computer and made a program in Qt. according to
> > mannual help provided with Qt..
> >      i have made 'Makefile' of it...
> >  but not able to run this program...
> >
> > when i type 'make' on terminal window..it gives me so many erroers...
> >
> > i am not even in mode that i could understand where exactly problem
> > exists..
> >
> > plz help me or give me some links that helps me out...
> These Errors i am facing....

Um... why Fedora Core 2?  We're up to 7...

Anyway, the problem here is that you don't have all the headers necessary to 
build the package; likely because the -devel packages aren't installed.  The 
problem you're going to run into is, like I said, you're 5 versions out of 
date, and I don't know if the FC2 packages are even still around (somehow I 
doubt it, seeing as it's end-of-lifed, along with 3, 4 and 5...)

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