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Re: Sound in Fedora7 on a VPC2007 virtual machine?

Bo Berglund wrote:
This is the third time I try to post the reply below. The two previous
have not shown up on the gmane list for some unknown reason...

Whoa. All three have turned up on the list. Repeatedly reposting them isn't going to help so please don't do it.

If there is a problem it is at the gmane end..

And aplay -Dhw:0,0 some.wav to see if alsa sound is working.

I assume that you are not saying there should be a file named
"some.wav", right?


On a freshly installed Fedora7 box where nothing else has been done,
where can one find a wav file to use as a test?
I have no connectivity over to my Windows box except the virtual PC
window I am using to run the guest operating system in.
I hade to type the above result from the screen to this message for

There will be one somewhere. Welcome to the find command

 > cd /
 > find . -name "*.wav"


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