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FC6 and libcom_err.so.3

I recently installed subversion.  I wanted to start creating and using a
repository so I issued the svn command.  It failed due to missing
libcom_err.so.3.  I checked and it seems to belong to a kerberos RPM.

It looked like all related kerberos packages were installed correctly.
I'm guessing the subversion client rpm was compiled with libcom_err.so.3
library but the currently installed kerberos packages have a back level

Has anyone else run into this?  I suppose I can compile the subversion
client myself, or libcom_err, or upgrade to FC7.  But I am curious to
see if it isn't something I'm missing.  Its odd that a RPM dependency
would contain an older library.

I hope I'm not being too vague, I did this on another machine and am
taking this from memory so I'll be happy to add more information if
anyone has questions.

Thanks - Tod

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