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Re: Speedtouch ADSL and Fedora 7 issue

On Tue, 11 Sep 2007, Scott van Looy wrote:

I have an old PIII that sits under my bed doing an impressive impression of a firewall and router using FC6 and netfilter, I figured, as I've just bought a new laptop, I could use the old one as a slightly more powerful version of the above, complete with inbuilt ups...

...so, I copied all the scripts I use (/etc/ppp;/*, the firmware, all the bits and bobs for the firewall) and installed a fresh copy of F7 on it, restored all the bits I'd copied and then plugged it in.

It worked as expected, dialled the connection, got an IP address and connected, I was able to use the net connection for about 15 seconds and then it disconnected, claiming no response to LCP echos

Then it refused to reconnect, claiming "LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests"

I had to remove and reinsert the USB module to completely restart the subsystem to get it to connect again, and I got exactly the same result over and over.

lcp-echo-interval  2
lcp-echo-failure   7

I tried setting the echo-failure to 20, just to see if it'd hold the connection for the duration, it managed around 30 seconds, then 30 seconds of being unable to reach anything and then timeout and disconnect

Does anyone know if there's an issue with Fedora 7 and the speedtouch stuff?

I booted up the old box, plugged it all back in and it went back to working fine...

I also experienced connection lost with FC6 and SpeedTouch. Had to reboot to an older kernel and it's working.


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