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Re: Need help with mPlayer

On Wednesday 12 September 2007 17:03, Art wrote:
> Hi I need some help setting up the mPlayer to play DVD's. I can bring it
> up to the play list. On the list it dose not show the DVD. How do I get
> to my DVD drive and what plugins do I need to install.
> Thanks
> Art Giles

Hi Art. Hows it going?  

Where did you get Mplayer from? Freshrpms, or Livna? You don't only need 
Mplayer, but also the w32codecs package.

Make sure that Mplayer is setup to access your DVD drive. 

For example I have 3 optical drives (cdrom, cdwriter, and dvdrom) on one of my 
machines. When you open Mplayer, at the extreme left of the window with the 
controls on it there is a button. Click on that, which will bring up the 
preferences window. Click on "misc", and it will show you where it's trying 
to access your DVD rom drive from. In my case it's pointing to /dev/cdrom2, 
but I have 3 drives, and that is the correct one for the DVD rom drive.

On my other machine I have a combination drive (cdrom/cdwriter/dvdrom). If I 
look at /dev in my file manager I have 3 entries, cdrom1, cdrw1, and dvd1. 
All these are links pointing to the block device hdd.

You need to make sure that what is there in Mplayers preferences > misc is 
pointing to the correct link in /dev for the DVD device.

An alternative for playing DVD's is the vlc package, but you will also need to 
install the libdvdcss package as well ( that may be libdvdcss2), and may well 
still need to check that it's accessing your drive correctly in /dev.

All the best, and may the force be with you.


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