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Re: Gnome-panel grief in F7

Beartooth wrote:
On Tue, 11 Sep 2007 06:21:53 -0400, Jim Cornette wrote:

Which window manager are you using? (compiz, metacity, beryl)

Aha! So that's what compiz is! It's one of the things whose description is fully opaque to me, but which often gets added as a dependency. (Fwiw, I thought it was metacity; when I resort with gnashing of teeth to KDE, it always claims it launches it.)

I use metacity but tried compiz for a short time. Compiz is metacity with 3D enhancements added to it. Metacity seems more stable but does not have the eye candy.

Running in a terminal 'metacity --replace &' should make metacity stop compiz and run itself in the place of. To make this permanent for the next boot, you have to save the gnome session.

Beryl I tried, and immediately started having troubles I couldn't kludge my way out of; I now take care when running pirut that it *not* be installed.
The all windows to the left corner meant the window manager was not

Afaik, it's quite possible that both compiz and metacity are contending for the upper hand, and defeating one another.

They shouldn't but I'm not ruling out the possibility both could be loaded together. I always got messages that another window manager was already running and it exited if --replace was not issued on the command line.

How do I check?? ps ax|grep on that machine, pointed at either metacity or compiz, reports only itself -- if that means anything ...

I use ps and grep as you asked. They should specify what WM is active. When the windows are all off to the left, no WM is probably running.


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