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Re: This list blocked by comcast? [Was: How does one unsubscribe and subscribe to this list?]

Philip Walden wrote:
> So it appears that my comcast email provder may be blocking messages
> from this list server.
> If I subscribe as <me>@otherprovider.net, no problem. If I subscribe
> as <me>@comcast.net, nothing ever shows up.

I used to be subscribed with a comcast.net address and didn't notice
any blocking.  I stopped using comcast for SMTP and POP3 a year ago
though, as I found them to be less than reliable and unresponsive in
other areas.

> Talking with comcast security, they tell me the sender has to inform
> them to have themselves removed from the blocking list. Has anyone
> seen this before? How does one get redhat to investigate?

Red Hat should not need to investigate anything.  You are the
customer.  If your provider is unwilling to share the needed
information with you as to whether they are blocking the list and for
what reasons (so that you could contact the list admin), then you
should seriously consider using someone else for your SMTP and POP3

I now use comcast for my bandwidth, but that's about it.  Dealing with
their security people to find out why they were blocking the pobox.com
mail servers (where I had an alias) was incredibly frustrating.  I
simply gave up on that and now use pobox.com directly for SMTP and
POP3.  With some other bandwidth options becoming available in my area
now (read: FIOS), comcast's time for sucking my dollars is limited.
They've earned exactly zero customer loyalty from me. :)

All that said, you should address any list administration problems to
the list owner (the address of whom you can get on the list info page
at the URL at the end of each list message).

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    -- Bill Vaughan

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