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Re: This list blocked by comcast? [Was: How does one unsubscribe and subscribe to this list?]

Philip Walden wrote:

So it appears that my comcast email provder may be blocking messages from this list server.

If I subscribe as <me>@otherprovider.net, no problem. If I subscribe as <me>@comcast.net, nothing ever shows up.

Talking with comcast security, they tell me the sender has to inform them to have themselves removed from the blocking list. Has anyone seen this before? How does one get redhat to investigate?

I don't know if Comcast is blocking message but I know that Comcast
is dropping messages. I've had to unsubscribe from many mail lists
because Comcast drops or bounces email. I can no longer trust them
for my mail service. I've setup my Linux machines to use gmail.com
with sendmail. Whenever I spoke with Comcast tech support about this
issue they had no clue as to what I was talking about. Just like
they had no clue when I could no longer send out email using
Thunderbird. Also like they had no clue when they sent out an
email to Outlook users informing them of the need to move off smtp
and over to secure mail ports. The email even had links to non-
Comcast web sites but claimed to be Comcast (how clueless can you
get). I wish I could dump Comcast but I'm stuck with them.

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