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Re: F7 Intel X3100 fatal crash (Thinkpad T61 using Google Earth)

Jos Vos wrote:

On a Thinkpad T61, with Intel X3100 (965GM) graphics, I can fully
reproduce a fatal graphics problem when running Google Earth (I
tried both a 4.0 and a 4.2 version of GE).
When GE starts zooming in, the screen colormap gets corrupted and then
the screen becomes black, sometimes showing the "busy circle".  The
console is the useless until the next reboot, even remotely doing
"telinit 3" and "telinit 5" does not bring the screen back, the only
solution is to reboot.

This has been discussed recently.

The new intel chipsets are 'barely' supported right now. The upstream stuff is going well but hasn't reached us yet. They are busily adding the Dell/Ubuntu/intel changes.

It will come down from development by itself with yum, but if we wait another couple weeks we should have most of that in updates.

The problem is in xorg-x11-drv-i810 as you have guessed.

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