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Re: ASF (Advanced Stream Format), fluendo, flumotion -- which do I want ??

Hi Matt, Craig et al;
> Thus I think you should be almost good to go - perhaps an application
> adjustment for the file types within Firefox - about:config as Matt
> suggested

Thanks.  Got everything working.

How come Firefox doesn't just let me turn a plugin off rather than
deleting it? (a rhetorical question, no answer needed yet)

I still get popup and other little things to fix or change.  I can
probably find answers in the documentation on MPlayer site.  

... speaking of which, I have checked TLDP and Wikipedia, and googled
etc. and cannot find a site/manual that "explains* video media or
multimedia.  All sites seem to be trivial or strictly "Howto".  This is
a subject that I have ducked for three years because I was learning
other computer processes, but would now like to "climb into".

Does anybody know of a site that explains the whole audio/video process
from "here is a series of pictures that show motion"; to frames; to
encoding; to compression; to transmittal; to reception; to decoding;
codecs; to backends (Mplayer, totem and friends); to front end GUIs. 

Right now I am looking at a two or three day process of cutting and
pasting together, from various locations, my own manual; unless someone
has a better option.  Such a process by me is guaranteed to be full of
mis-assumptions and missed info.

Regards Bill

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