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Re: BOIS Blues again

Rick Stevens wrote:


If grub is your only boot loader, it should be placed in the master boot
record (MBR) of your first hard drive (or whichever drive you tell your
BIOS it should boot from).  The MBR is the first usable block of the
drive.  Once the first-level grub loader is in the memory, it can boot
any second-level loader from anywhere on the disk (or any disk).  Grub
doesn't have the 1024 cylinder or number-of-drives limit that BIOS does.

Erm, GRUB can load it in; that doesn't mean that the boot loader
will run as desired in the environment GRUB provides. The setup you
specify usually works, but not always. On my machine, for example, it
results in a prompt to repair the disc.

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