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Re: Vim compressed help doc files

Karsten Hopp wrote:
Tim schrieb:
On Fri, 2007-09-14 at 04:10 -0500, Doug Wyatt wrote:
I recently upgraded to Fedora 7 and I've discovered that
Vim's built-in help files don't display.

Works here, so it sounds like you've got a problem with your system,
rather than vim, in itself.  You might want to try verifying the
installation (see the rpm man file for verify instructions).

You're probably using /bin/vi instead  of /usr/bin/vim.
Starting vim by running 'vi' as root can cause this as the alias vi=vim isn't set for root-


Thanks for the replies.

I was working as root and, under a user login, vim :help *does*
work properly.  I should have checked this before posting.  Thnx!

However, aliasing doesn't enter into it, since I use 'vim' from
the cmdline and the X11 version from the start menu (gvim).

So, the problem only exists while running as root.  Irritating,
but not a show stopper.

Any ideas on how I might track down the cause?

Doug Wyatt

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