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Re: Recommendations for an IDE controller card

On Friday 14 September 2007 19:20, Max Pyziur wrote:
> Per the subject line, any recommendations?
> I have a box running FC2 (he says redfaced) which I want to expand to be a
> JABOD (just a bunch of disks). So something which can work w/ hardware
> circa 2004.
> Max Pyziur
> pyz brama com

I'm still running FC2 on my old Gateway 500, so don't feel bad. I do have 
later distros on it as well, FC3,5, and 6, and also FC1,which I think still 
works well. The hardware is about circa 1999.

2 harddrives on ide0, 2 optical drives (cdrom, cdwriter) on ide1, and an IDE 
PCI adaptor card, which has one harddrive on channel 1, and a DVD rom drive 
on channel 2.

I don't know if the card is still available as I bought them in 2004 ( I have 
a spare), but here are the details.

It's an MRI-PCI/A133  (Microcomputer Research (UK) Ltd). See.

The card works fine. The only problem I have is that I can't boot DVD's from 
it, but that's no problem, as I prefer booting using CDroms for new installs. 
Once the machine is booted there is no problem playing DVD's though.

All the best.


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