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Re: Recommendations for an IDE controller card

Max Pyziur wrote:
> Per the subject line, any recommendations?
> I have a box running FC2 (he says redfaced) which I want to expand to be
> a JABOD (just a bunch of disks). So something which can work w/ hardware
> circa 2004.
I am not sure what boards are available any more, but one thing to
be careful of is that a lot of boards only support ide0 and ide1.
You can not use one of them unless your motherboard can be switched
to use ide2 and ide3. (Not many do.) You may also want to look into
some of the IDE RAID cards. Depending on the RAID mode, you can
speed up disk access at the expense of reliability. (One partition
stripped over several drives - if one drive fails, you lose data.)


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