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Re: Joystick and sound under Fast-User-Switching

Lane Brooks wrote:
> Fast user switching in F7 is great, but I am having a couple of problems
> with it.
> - USB joysticks seems to get grabbed with a MODE of 0600 by the first
> user who logs in.  The udev rules say the mode should be 0644 and when I
> change the udev rules to 0666 it has no effect.  Is there something in
> GNOME changing the owner and permissions?  What is the correct way to
> deal with this?  As it stands now, only the first person logged in gets
> access, even when I hot plug in/out.
> - I have a similar experience with sound such that sound only works for
> the first user logged in.  Is there a way to get sound to work for other
> users logged in?
This is all controlled by console.prems. (man console.perms) The
configurations are in /etc/security/console.perms and the
/etc/security/console.prems.d directory. The file you are probably
interested in is /etc/security/console.perms.d/50-default.perms.

<console>  0600 <joystick>   0600 root


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