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Entering an already opened session

This is not a strictly Fedora issue but I do not even know where or how to begin to ask.

I was troubleshooting my MythTV which runs on F7 when my keyboard died on me (wireless one).

I could vnc from another desktop but it would open a new display ( :1 instead of :0 ). I know there are ways
to setup vnc to make you open :0 but that is not my question.

My question is, knowing already that I have a session open in :0, how can I from :1 interact with my
session in :0 ? You see if I try to run mythfrontend from vnc it would run on :1 instead of :0.
Conversely, how could I tell mythfrontend to run on :0 if I am on display :1 ?

I skimmed through X, and xterm but did not see any clue, and google gave me a lot of
unrelated web pages because I know I am not asking it the right question.

I appreciate whatever insight you could provide me with


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