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Problems with fedora 7

Hello everybody!
I installed Linux Fedora 7.0 two days ago. It worked perfectly.
Today it don´t work. I saved xp on my computer luckily.
This is the message i get when i`m trying to start up Fedora:

Uncompressing Linux...Ok, booting kernel.
Red hat version 6.0.6 starting
sd 4:0:00: [sdb] Assuming drive cach: write through
The last line repeats once more. After that nothing happens.

I thought the easiest solution was to reinstall the whole thing but
today I´m REALLY lucky (or not) because it don´t work.
This is the message this time:

Loading USB storage (something)
Loading SCSI driver
Loading ata_piix driver.....
Then once again....NOTHING happens!
How can i solve this problem?
I´m wondering about maybe i should fix this by entering XP and delete
the partition I have Linux in? Will it work?
What went wrong? Did i cause this by programme things (from a self-
Please help! I´m all into this thing with Linux, well u can say I´m
stucked and really enjoy learning more.
Hoping for quick answers. AND i´m using msn so u can contact me there
if u want or by regular email :)

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