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Re: usb modem MultiTech MT5634ZBA-USB

> If you have /dev/ACM0, then try using that. It sounds like the
> module you need is already loaded. (It may have a different name
> under the 2.6.x kernels.) I should have mentioned that the link is
> slightly out of date. With Fedora and udev, you do NOT create device
> nodes yourself. This is taken care of by udev at boot, or when the
> device is plugged in.
> Now, as far as the /dev/usbdev1.1_ep00 entries, they are more for
> devices that do not create a specific device link. For example, you
> can set the permissions needed for rebcom to access the USB attached
> book reader even though it does not have a device or driver. (Rebcom
> uses usblib to talk to it directly.)
> One way to see if /dev/ACM0 is your modem would be to see if it is
> only there when you have the modem plugged in. Or you could use a
> program like minicom to talk to it, and see if it responds like a
> modem. (You may have to run minicom as root, depending on the
> permissions of /dev/ACM0.)
> Mikkel
> -- 

My Red Hat is "off" to the Fedora developers!!!!!  I thought I might
finally get some experience tweaking the kernel, but all I had to do was
to use /dev/ttyACM0 and was able to directly connect to the modem.
Looks like /dev/ttyACM0 is created when you plug in the modem to one of
the usb ports.  I made this in to a hard problem when actually it was a
real plug and play!!!!

Thanks for everyone's help!!!


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