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Re: F7: Enabling PC speaker

Tim Largy wrote:
>> Is the sound card on his system build into the motherboard? If so,
>> try enable the pc speaker setting in your mixer of choice, and make
>> sure it isn't muted. Some systems with built-in sound route the
>> speaker output through the sound card. (I have one - every thing
>> except the POST beeps goes through the sound card.
>> Mikkel
> Hmmm, are you saying that on some hardware, the PC speaker is a real
> transducer but is coupled to the sound processor in some way? I know
> that this box has a real transducer, and that it is capable of
> beeping.
> Tim
What I believe happens is that the transducer is the PC speaker
during POST, but the signal gets re-routed by the BIOS to an input
on the sound system. Not completely - BIOS warning beeps because of
overtemp, if you have them, still use the transducer. But sounds
generated by software that should go to the PC speaker go through
the sound system instead.


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