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Re: Serious question on thumb drives (was Re: Maybe a deal on flash drives)

Aaron Konstam wrote:
>> RAM  has got cheap this Fall and that was why I bought 2 GB for this 
>> computer.  I would buy the unit made in China if it is much cheaper. 
>> They must have about the same thing inside that the US units have. And I 
>> think some US models are made in China :-)
> Similar is not the same. What is in a Ram memory chip is not what is in
> a flash drive for two reasons:
> 1. RAM chips are dynaminc memory. So when the power is off they loose
> their contents.
> 2. No one would buy RAM memory that could only be written to 500,000
> times.
RAM chips may be dynamic memory. They may also be static memory. I
have this nice 256k battery backed up static S-100 memory board in
storage. The difference is that you have to refresh dynamic RAM even
if it is powered up. You do not have to refresh static RAM as long
as you keep it powered up. But static RAM usually costs more.


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