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I can not telnet to my Motorola ROKR E2 by usbnet.

   I installed Fedora 4 (kernel version
When I plug in my ROKR E2. Fedora connects to the
phone (the phone runs on linux too) automatically, and
then I use ifconfig -a to show up the usb0. The
address of usb0 is assigned automatically by DHCP. I
modify this address to by "ifconfig usb0 up", I verify the modification by using
"ifconfig -a" again. Then I ping the address, it succeeds. But at last when I telnet to
the phone, I got the prompt "Trying
telnet: connect to address Connection
refused. telnet: Unable to connect to remote host:
Connection refused" I am sure that the telnet service
in the cellphone is started and the port is the usual
port (23), and no authority requirement for the telnet
service. I did successfully telnet to the cellphone
once. That was the first time that I pluged the usb
line to my linux laptop and done the above procedures.
However later on, I can not telnet to the cellphone
any longer when I plug it again. And I found when the
linux starts, the system fails to automatically load

   I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I did not change
any other configurations between my first try and
subsequent tries. Why the first time I succeeded, and
later on failed? Please help! I need to telnet to the
phone and finish my job. 

   Thanks a lot


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