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Re: Running a dovecot IMAPS server

Tim wrote:

>> As far as I can see, KMail's maildir format
>> (with folders ~/Mail/inbox/cur , etc)
>> is incompatible with Dovecot's IMAP format
>> (with folders ~/Mail/.inbox/cur).
> I wouldn't have thought so.  My mail client's formats are its own thing,
> and the server does its own thing.  When my mail client accesses my mail
> it's a network operation, not a direct file access.  How the files are
> arranged on either side is immaterial to the other.

Just to be clear what I am saying.
Suppose you have a standard maildir setup on computer X,
with directories ~/Maildir/inbox/[cur,new,tmp]/ ,
~/Maildir/family/[cur,new,tmp]/ , etc.

Suppose now you start dovecot IMAP on computer X.
Then you will not be able to see the family folder on computer Y,
running as an IMAP client, ie with an IMAP kmail account
pointing to computer X.

If I am right, you have to re-organise and re-name the folders on X
if you want to see them on Y.
And if you do this, you can no longer seem them on X with kmail.

I'd love to be told I'm wrong,
particularly since if I am right
I cannot understand why this is not spelled out
in kmail and dovecot documentation.

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