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Re: Running a dovecot IMAPS server

On Sun, 2007-09-16 at 11:18 +0100, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Just to be clear what I am saying.
> Suppose you have a standard maildir setup on computer X,
> with directories ~/Maildir/inbox/[cur,new,tmp]/ ,
> ~/Maildir/family/[cur,new,tmp]/ , etc.
> Suppose now you start dovecot IMAP on computer X.
> Then you will not be able to see the family folder on computer Y,
> running as an IMAP client, ie with an IMAP kmail account
> pointing to computer X.

Those maildirs on X, were they set up through the IMAP server, using a
mail client on Y, or through a mail client running on that X computer?

Ordinarily, a mail server is something that's remote, and you create
things in it through a remote client.  Mail folders, and the like, are
created as part of the mail server operation, not through direct file
system manipulation by the client.

If you're running a server and a client on the same box, you really want
to configure one to use a different location than the other.  You'll
find various mail programs not only differ in how they use some storage
techniques, they may also add their own custom things into some

Yes, you *can* run a server and client on the same box, using the same
files.  But you'd have to pick software that does it in ways compatible
with each other.

e.g. I use Evolution and Dovecot on one box.  Evolution's own copies of
mail are within its own directories.  Dovecot is using the usual mail
folder location.

That's their defaults, and I wouldn't trust a mail application not to
stomp all over a mail server files if it accessed them directly.  Though
there probably are some combinations that can do that.

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