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Re: convert file.wmv to .wav ?

Adalbert Prokop wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote on Sunday 16 September 2007:

Can someone tell me how to convert audio .wmv to .wav, .mp3, or .ogg?

lame file.wav file.mp3


oggenc -o file.ogg file.wav

That should do the trick. ;) Lame is in the "lame" package and oggenc is part of the "vorbis-tools" package.

If you want to set the bitrate, CBR/VBR setting or other options you will have to read the manual pages.

I tried ImageMagick 'convert' but I don't seem to be able to make it
work, perhaps because I don't have the command right?  As usual I'm
having trouble with the man page ...

The reference to "image formats" clearly states, that it's for pictures, not for sound files.
Unfortunately the file I received and want to convert is ".wmv" and the above applications apparently don't support wmv? This .wmv file is only audio, no images?

I can play this .wmv audio file with vlc but then I need a way to record it as something else such as .wav which I can then compress to ogg or mp3.

Lame does produce an mp3 file but it looks like white noise when displayed with Audacity. Aplayer also produces a blast of white noise in the loudspeaker.

I thank you for the suggestions though ...

Bob Goodwin

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