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Bug in gthumb or a bug in mailcap? Or a bug in alpine?

On a Fedora 7 box, I happen to be using alpine to read mail. A message has a jpg attachment but when I try to view it, gthumb comes up with no image. The attachment is of type Image/JPEG.

Upon investigating I see that the tmp file that got created by alpine was something called


with no file extension.

gthumb will not display an image if the file has no extension. If I save the file with a .jpg extension then it displays nicely. Yes, there's a workaround, but you'll admit it's a pain and there's no chance of being able to teach my wife how to do this.

So who owns the bug? gthumb? alpine? mailcap? fedora?

Is there a different viewer in fedora I can use that won't have this problem?

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