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Re: The Ultimate Web-Browsing machine

On Sun, 16 Sep 2007 11:32:20 +0100
Chris Jones <jonesc hep phy cam ac uk> wrote:

> One minor quibble - The squid.conf file you provide seems to be for a 
> ever-so-slightly older version of squid than the one yum now gives on Fedora 
> 7, and doesn't work as a direct replacement. Apart from that the instructions 
> are fine.

That's odd because I just copied the squid.conf file that I have on this
computer directly into that directory on my webserver.  It has been working up
until now.

Be that as it may, and to avoid problems, I have edited the SQUID 2.6.STABLE13
squid.conf file to work with this setup and replaced it on the webpage, and on
this computer as well.

It worked for me before, and it's still working now so I don't really know what
would have changed.  But now the edited version of latest squid.conf is up and
available on my website.

I also realized that I had forgotten a couple of minor details so I added
them.  Here is the changelog from the webpage:

Changes are: (1) a later version of the squid.conf file (SQUID 2.6.STABLE13 );
(2) add “no-digest” to the cache_peer line (not having it doesn't seem to hurt
anything but it creates some error messages in the Squid cache log so it's
neater to include “no-digest”); (3) added a description of how to bypass the
proxy from Firefox for badly-behaved web pages.

MELVILLE THEATRE ~ Melville Sask ~ http://www.melvilletheatre.com

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