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Re: WSJ: Mossberg takes the Linux bait and snarls ....

Andrew Kelly wrote:

I agree 100% with one of his beefs.  Laptop touchpad sensitivity.
When I'm
typing (and as I touch-type around 50 wpm, the keyboard is really a
often the cursor will jump to where the i-beam for the mouse is;
ooops, left
click.  But I didn't touch the touchpad.  Aggravating as all get
out. (And
if someone knows a way to turn that down, please let me know, as
I've not run
across the setting yet).
It seems to me that Mossberg has identified a terrific business
oportunity. Someone for $50-$100 will configure all the things he feels
currently are obscure to configure. It only has to be configured once
and then mass copied.
That's almost the model that I foresee actually working for whatever unix-like system implements it first. Make the package manager just a bit smarter and add a 'publish' button somewhere so a person who had configured a nicely working system could export his installed package list and custom configuration settings, and it would result in a URL that anyone else could click to duplicate that setup slightly more closely than matching kickstart installs would. That way someone could tweak a machine to someone like Mossberg's satisfaction, he could push a button, and the next day a million people could be running "Mossberg's recommended Linux". Or the same for someone who actually knows how to configure a linux box...

Outstanding idea, Les. You know if anybody is currently working on
anything like that?

No, everyone wants to make up new distribution names, spin CD's and build incompatible repositories instead of cooperating and making a package manager smart enough to do this.

   Les Mikesell
     lesmikesell gmail com

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