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Can't print from Firefox -

I have a problem printing from Firefox. The problem has been erratic for the last ten days or so but usually just going to CUPS and stopping/starting the printer corrects the problem until the next boot. Now it absolutely refuses to print from the browser.

It will do a CUPS test page and it will print from the command line however.

For whatever reason the file to be printed shows the printer stopped after restarting the printer?

ID Name User Size Pages State Control HP <http://box6:631/printers/HP>-322 tmpcVXzFI root 1403k Unknown stopped Reprint Job <http://box6:631/jobs/?op=restart-job&job_id=322&job_printer_uri=/printers/HP> Cancel Job <http://box6:631/jobs/?op=cancel-job&job_id=322&job_printer_uri=/printers/HP> Move Job <http://box6:631/jobs/?op=move-job&job_id=322>
 	Sort Descending <http://box6:631/jobs/?FIRST=0&ORDER=dec>

The printer is on my wireless LAN and the setup has not changed except that I went through the setup procedure once more just to try and correct anything that might have been corrupted which seems unlikely since the basic printer system has always worked with only the browser having a problem. I see nothing in /var/log/messages relative to printing. Not sure that's the right place to look /

   HP <http://box6:631/printers/HP> (Default Printer)

<http://box6:631/printers/HP> 	*Description:* HP6840
*Location:* Asylum
*Make and Model:* HP DeskJet 6800 Foomatic/hpijs (recommended)
*Printer State:* idle, accepting jobs, published.
*Device URI:* hp:/net/Deskjet_6800?ip=

Any help will be appreciated.

Bob Goodwin

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