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Re: CHROOT Tutorial?

Manuel Arostegui Ramirez wrote:
El Viernes, 14 de Septiembre de 2007 20:26, Manuel Arostegui Ramirez escribió:

[I wrote]

Bueno, ya que espanol es mi primer lengua, quiza seria mejor
mandarme el URL :-)

Vaya, que sorpresa!!! :-)

Naci en la frontera entre los EEUU y Mexico, y me criaron
criadas mexicanas, a lo menos por los primeros anos. Entonces...

Actually, I speak English better, but Spanish was first.

You should practise it and help us to defeat the English as the
international language! :-)

I started speaking English when I was three years old or so,
and it's my primary language.

Anyway, thanks! Either will do. I might struggle with
some vocabulary with Spanish, but that's what dictionaries
are for.

Here you are the link, it's an approach, but I think it will be a good
start for what you want.
If you don't understand something, either about the chroot or the language,
let know!

I forgot the link!

!No hay de que! Y, !gracias!


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