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Re: Setting up a file server for a diskless X-Terminal

On 9/17/07, Derek Tattersall <tatters newsguy com> wrote:

> Oh well. It looks like it is not possible to do what I want to do. At
> least not easily.

It's really not so bad :)  This is the easiest way to go (LTSP v4)

yum install ltsp-utils

(as root) ltspadmin
 - select Install/Upgrade
 - afterwards, select Configure LTSP

Selecting "Configure LTSP" is the same as running "ltspcfg"

You need to press "C" and then go down the list one-by-one and let the
script configure each item.  You can skip portmapper.  If you have
defined entries in /etc/hosts you may want to back that up.  You may
want to edit the generated dhcpd.conf  (I usually trim the range of
available IPs, and check the hostname/dns settings - also a good file
to back up.)

Next, you need to open the server's firewall to accept DCHP, NFS, and XDMCP.

Check DHCPD, NFS, and XINETD are running.

To skip possible PXE issues, I strongly recommend using a boot floppy
generated from rom-o-matic.net.

Time to boot a client and see if everything's working.  If so, then
try to PXE boot.


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