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Re: Revisted Eth1 problem

david walcroft wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> Could you describe the network that eth1 is connected to? Are you
>> using this Linux box to share an Internet connection with the local
>> network? If so, are you running a DHCP server for the local network
>> on this Linux box? It sounds like you may need to reconfigure eth1
>> to use a static IP address.
>> Mikkel
> The network is a simply a connection to a second computer from my
> computer via ethernet Eth1 to windows
> machine.It uses DHCP and has worked perfectly up till now,for what it's
> worth ,my Iptables
> has internal network as Eth1 is
> Could my problem be a corrupted DHCP. How do I reconfigure Eth1.
I am still slightly confused - how are you connecting to the Windows
machine? (hub, router, crossover cable?)

I can see eth0 being set up using DHCP, but eth1? That would require
that the Windows machine be running a DHCP server, or some other
device running a DHCP server. (I have even seen print servers that
have the option of running a DHCP server.) Have you removed or
changed any device on the home network?

A quick and dirty fix is to use one of the network configuring tools
to give eth1 a static IP of - you can run
system-config-network, use System --> Administration --> Network,
highlight eth1, and click on edit, or even manually edit ifcfg-eth1.

As far as what has changed, it is hard to say. If you were always
using DHCP on eth1, and you have not changed any hardware, then
maybe a firewall change is blocking DHCP on eth1, or a change on the
Windows machine has turned off a DHCP server running on that box.


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