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Re: Fedora + LTSP + iMac (Was: Re: Setting up a file server for a diskless X-Terminal)

On Mon, 2007-09-17 at 21:40 -0500, Chris Mohler wrote:
> > actually, I'm sort of stuck doing almost that because I can't seem to
> > get older iMac's to work as thin clients on ltsp 4.2 and one of the guys
> > that helped with the Mac client utils says I need to look at what they
> > employed on k12ltsp so I'm downloading the ltsp-6-32-bit disc images
> > atm.
> Can you issue
> startx --query IPADDRESS :1
> from the iMac?  I assume you have already installed the X11 from apple
> and can issue a "startx" (or "startx :1"?) from the X11 terminal and
> get the grey screen with the X.
> I had this set up some time ago - an old iMac connecting to FC2 ala LTSP 4
actually, I am stuck with bootup problem.

I haven't suffered this list with the problem but rather the ltsp mail

Specifically, the problem is that I have i386 clients booting off the
ltsp server already.

The iMac client loads the kernel from tftp server and when it goes to
pivotroot (mounting the nfs root directory), it hangs there and claims
to be waiting for the NFS server. The nfs server shows the authenticated
mount occurred but that's it.

It's similar to this problem here...

and a full description is probably covered here...

I did manage to get through X configuration on one of these iMacs when I
did a full F7 install on it (ppc) but these iMacs do have the ability to
netboot and it *might* be a plus to just use them as thin clients
instead of a full install (though I do have the installation fully
kick-start automated).

Anyway, X isn't the problem - thanks


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