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Re: HP Compaq 2510p - No HD detection

We need to compare the dmesg(8) output from both. You can scp(1)/ftp(1) it off of the booted install CD using the emergency shell on the alternative terminal. Just:

# dmesg > /tmp/dmesg.boot


# lspci -v

...would be very useful.


On Tue, 18 Sep 2007, Bjorge Solli wrote:

I have got my hands on a preproduction test machine, called HP Compaq 2510p. I will have to return it to HP soon.. It is a 10"(?) laptop.

I have tested it with our kickstart install system. It installs Fedora Core 6 32-bit fine, but when I try Fedora 7 32-bit it doesn't find the harddrive! Is there any interest from Fedora developers for me to supply them with some info to make this work? Note that I have a time limit.

Please reply to me directly, as I guess this is beyond the scope of this list.

Bjørge Solli

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