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Re: Serious question on thumb drives (was Re: Maybe a deal on flash drives)

Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> I keep circling around the idea that for a little solid state thing like
> a thumb drive, for only $60-70, it is probably worth the risk to buy a
> cheap one.  I am considering buying one just to test it out.
> Anyone ever used one of the cheap ones off eBay?

Generally they're fine, but they can be slow to write to.

The flash drives are meant to have a "wear-leveling" algorithm which
moves around the physical sector chosen to store the stuff written to a
logical sector.  This "spreads out the load" if a program starts banging
on the same logical sector over and over, for example, the sector that
holds the first bit of / directory.  Whether the super cheapo ones
implement that in a good, or indeed any, way is open to question.

If you look around you can get really cheap ones at half the price of
the brand ones or better.  If neither speed nor data security is a
problem and you don't mind blowing the money in the worst case I would
definitely buy the no-name ones.


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