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Re: Revisted Eth1 problem

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
david walcroft wrote:
Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Could you describe the network that eth1 is connected to? Are you
using this Linux box to share an Internet connection with the local
network? If so, are you running a DHCP server for the local network
on this Linux box? It sounds like you may need to reconfigure eth1
to use a static IP address.

The network is a simply a connection to a second computer from my
computer via ethernet Eth1 to windows
machine.It uses DHCP and has worked perfectly up till now,for what it's
worth ,my Iptables
has internal network as Eth1 is
Could my problem be a corrupted DHCP. How do I reconfigure Eth1.

I am still slightly confused - how are you connecting to the Windows
machine? (hub, router, crossover cable?)

I can see eth0 being set up using DHCP, but eth1? That would require
that the Windows machine be running a DHCP server, or some other
device running a DHCP server. (I have even seen print servers that
have the option of running a DHCP server.) Have you removed or
changed any device on the home network?

A quick and dirty fix is to use one of the network configuring tools
to give eth1 a static IP of - you can run
system-config-network, use System --> Administration --> Network,
highlight eth1, and click on edit, or even manually edit ifcfg-eth1.

As far as what has changed, it is hard to say. If you were always
using DHCP on eth1, and you have not changed any hardware, then
maybe a firewall change is blocking DHCP on eth1, or a change on the
Windows machine has turned off a DHCP server running on that box.

I changed the Eth1 address to
                      Subnet default to
                     default Gateway to
Would this be correct
I'm using a crossover cable.
I see that there's a DHCP upgrade in Updates,I hope this can help with this problem.
I have changed my ethernet card on Eth1.
My Iptables have not been changed for a long time,how would I test it for any problems.

 Thanks  david

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