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Re: Revisted Eth1 problem

david walcroft wrote:
> Mikkel
> I changed the Eth1 address to
>                       Subnet default to
>                      default Gateway to
> Would this be correct
> I'm using a crossover cable.
> I see that there's a DHCP upgrade in Updates,I hope this can help with
> this problem.
> I have changed my ethernet card on Eth1.
> My Iptables have not been changed for a long time,how would I test it
> for any problems.
>  Thanks  david
I would use a netmask of and no default gateway. The
default gateway (or default route) should be on the interface that
connects to the Internet. This configuration may interfere with you
Internet connection.

As far as changes, I suspect that the Windows machine was providing
the DHCP server, and an update turned it off. (Internet connection
sharing, I think.) A DHCP server on the Linux machine would not
provide an IP address for eth1.


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