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Re: dvd burner

to copy a dvd/cd i do:

 dd if=/dev/scd0 of=/data/tmp/image.iso

be sure that /data/tmp has enough space for a dvd...

to create an iso image from many directory-trees:
genisoimage -o /data/tmp/image.iso directory-tree-1 ... directory-tree-n

tu burn (be root):

cdrecord -v /data/tmp/image.iso dev=/dev/cdrom


Ed Greshko wrote:
John wrote:
 I tried a couple of different dvd burners on a FC6 box; the two
programs I've tried (Brasero and GnomeBaker) keep telling my there's no
blank dvd in the tray (there is). When that happens, the tray kicks
open, which I close. The disk is accepted and I'm able to select the
files I want to burn, though once I hit burn, I get errors. With
Brasero, the errors seems to be with the program.    ?????

Actually, all of the programs are simply gui front ends to standard
utilities such as cdrecord and growisofs.  Suggest you look in
/var/log/messages for any clues/hints as to what is really going on.

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