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Re: Where is Alexander Larsson (Nautilus bug)?

    Unfortunately, qualifying bug reports (finding dupes, going back to the
    reporter for missing information) can only be done by people who know
    exactly what real problems are and what's needed to resolve them.

This is simply untrue. I am currently about halfway through a bug triage of all Fedora 7 kernel bugs and am doing so solely on the basis of one page from the wiki which the kernel team put together. I know nothing of kernel code but I do know having had a few pointers from people in the know what information to request under what circumstances. If I can do that for the kernel I'm sure the same goes for any application.

Exactly. If you are one of those people who wants to help, but isn't a good programmer, then bug triaging is a great way to help! It's also a good way to start learning the code and open-source methods, if you are interested in coding (even small patches help)!

My programming skills are pretty mediocre, but I've closed 1000+ bugs in the gnome bugzilla in the past year (mostly by focusing on one particular area of interest).

Interested volunteers should start here:


Non-programmers can also help with translation and documentation, among other things:


I think you just need to dive right into bugzilla and whatever component interests you then start with that. Bug triage is quite rewarding and people actually feel a little loved. Surely there is nothing like the hurt and pain of an un-answered bug report?

And if you can't do that... then at least make sure that your pet-peeve bugs are correctly reported in the upstream bugzilla (unless it's a Fedora-specific bug) with complete stacktraces and steps-to-reproduce, so that the developers have a good starting point. And if bug-buddy pops up after a crash, make sure you give a good description of what triggered the crash in the comments field!

Really, people can help a lot, even if they aren't skilled programmers.

- Mike

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