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Perl CGI.pm POST_MAX problem in FC7 - when will latest version be available in archives?

The CGI.pm that is currently available with FC7 is version 3.15.
That version has a problem - if a form is uploaded of size greater
than POST_MAX,  the CGI script will peg the CPU until the web server
kills it (Apache has default 120 seconds timeout).
This ends up having problems on server, as well the client which now
sees an empty page, or a "cannot load web page" message.

The latest versions of CGI.pm is 3.29 - using cpan to "install CGI"
will bring this latest version to a FC7 box.
So, that is a workaround for anyone else who is running CGI scripts on
FC7 and using POST_MAX.

But - note that when perl/perl-lib gets update, an yum update will
revert back the CGI.pm to 3.15! (As it happened last week when I did
an yum update).
That may be another issue - cpan updates and yum updates.

Still the key question I'm curious about - how does the FC7 repos get
updated? 3.15 CGI.pm is now quite old - when will FC7 get the latest

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