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strange fglrx permission problem

   Is anyone else seeing the following problem in
Fedora 7 i386 with the livna fglrx kernel module
installed? I am finding that the first account
I log into allows the fglrx drivers to work fine
but then any additional accounts I log into 
produce errors of the form...

FGLTexMgr: open of shared memory object failed (Permission denied)
__FGLTexMgrCreateObject: __FGLTexMgrSHMmalloc failed!!!

whenever I try to run glxgears or pymol. The problem
is not associated with any particular account but rather
with whatever accounts are not the first X11 login. The
only workaround I have at the moment is to reboot and
login to the desired account first under X11.
   I am wondering if this could be related to the
caching problems with autofs where the addition of
-Onosharecache to the OPTIONS line in /etc/sysconfig/autofs
was the recommended fix...


Thanks in advance for any insights to this problem.

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